Frequent Questions (part 1)

Q: What is the Taste of Brookfield?

A: The Taste of Brookfield @ Your Library is an annual event held to bring the community together and raise money for the Friends of the Library to support various programs and events that take place throughout the year.

Q: Is Babysitting available during the event?

A: Yes! We have trained staff that watch over the children in rooms that are setup downstairs with entertainment and food.

Q: Is there a cost for Babysitting? How many children are allowed?

A: For those Adults who purchase tickets for the event there is a
$5 cost per child to sign-up for Babysitting. We have a limit of 30 children that can be allowed downstairs.

Q: Why do you need my name when I purchase a ticket?

A: Every person that attends the event is given a name badge as well as a program booklet and we need the information in advance to print the name badges properly.

Q: If I purchased a ticket for someone else, do you need their information as well?

A: Yes, we need their name and information for the name badges.

Q: What information can be printed on the name badge?

A: First and Last Name at the very least. There is also room for a person's title and the organization/business they are associated with.

Q: What does the ticket give you access to at the event?

A: Everything! You can sample food from the various restaurants, try out different wines and beers from sponsors, use your bid number to bid on Silent Auction items, or try your luck in the main raffle.

Q: Do the restaurants really donate all that food?

A: Yes and No. We do ask each of the restaurants if they wish to participate in the event each year and see what they want to donate. If we feel there isn't enough food for the number of people in attendance, then we purchase more food from those restaurants supporting the event.

Frequent Questions (part 2)

Q: What is the best time to show up?

A: The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the fun begins soon after.

Q: Is the event indoors/outdoors?

A: The majority of the event is held indoors with the silent auction, music, and raffles. There is a tent outside for additional seating and other music as well.

Q: Who can take advantage of the food/music/seating outside?

A: Anyone that wears a Name Band and Wristband (new for 2015) can enjoy the food both inside and outside as much as you like.

Q: How can I sponsor/support the event?

A: Just go to our Donation Form and fill out all the fields to submit your request.

Q: Why do some businesses have their logo on the Taste website?

A: Anyone who is a cash sponsor above a certain level will get tickets to the event, their name mentioned in the program booklet, and their logo placed on the website.

Q: How do you plan for such a large event?

A: There is a Taste Planning Committee that meets throughout the year in the lower level of the library that covers all aspects of the event. The meetings are open to anyone. If you wish to attend, please send an e-mail to Kim with your name and phone number.

Q: Who does the printing of the name badges?

A: We have a local person that goes by the name of Marc aka Network XXIII that sets up and prints the name badges for us every year. Yes, you can have a title to go with your name, if you want!

Q: I like the website! Who designed it for you?

A: Once again that credit goes to Marc aka Network XXIII who came up with the idea for having a separate website for the event and does an excellent job of keeping it updated throughout the year.